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Coming Soon | Releasing on Thursday, October 5, 2023

Derek Kage is visiting Barcelona for the first time and is blown away by the natural beauty of the environment. In his excitement to take it all in he hops out of the cab early only to suddenly face the reality of a dying phone. Though he tries to remember his way around without his trusty GPS, he wanders over to what seems like the right home. Unsure, he may as well try his luck.

Fortune favors the bold as he finds himself face-to-face with a stunning homeowner, Justin Jett, who graciously agrees to let him in charge of his phone. Taking in the stunning home, he goes on a small tour. Derek mentions how this house would be amazing for Parties and Justin agrees, showing the lost traveller how he and his friends go loco.

As the dark-featured Spaniard kisses him, Derek is carried away by the moment. They head inside, their hands exploring each others’ muscular bodies and rubbing each other's already stiff cocks. Derek pushes rims Justin Jett’s toned hairy ass and plunges his thick meat into Justin’s waiting hole, pumping in and out before they flip it and Derek gets his own taste of Justin’s thick Spanish cock. Flipping once again, Derek deep throats Justin’s cock, before fucking him again glanding his Spanish host, who shoots all over his toned ass before pulling out and covering his thigh.

Wrong Address be damned, that’s how you do it in Barcelona.