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Paying Ass-Up For Parking

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Coming Soon | Releasing on Thursday, June 20, 2024

King Scot keeps using my damn parking spot! It's the most convenient spot in the lot; if he wants to keep using it, he will pay for it! Luckily he's a cute little fucker, and I'm open to alternative forms of payment.

Show Me Your Moves

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Coming Soon | Releasing on Thursday, June 27, 2024

Chuck Conrad is about to get married, and his buddies tell him he must take dance classes to prepare for the wedding. His friends refer him to a beefy dance teacher, Owen Raw, who gives him a crash course! During the lesson, there is some flirting while they practice, and the dance teacher steps in for the bride. As the two guys dance close together, Santiago jokes about making the bride jealous, and tension builds between them. As the lesson moves to less conventional moves, Chuck is having more trouble picking them up and fails miserably. The dance teacher asks him if he has any moves they can build off of. Chuck misunderstands and thinks he means bedroom moves. He manhandles the dance teacher into a sex position and shows off sexy fuck moves, ex. body rolls, hard humping, stripper-like dances like a gorgeous fuck machine. Pepe gets hard, and the teacher gets turned on, too. He wants to know more!