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No Vacancy

BroNetwork Series: No Vacancy

It’s Scott Demarco’s bachelor night out with friends - and he’s looking to get fucked up and fuck. In the hotel room, along with Derek Reed and Jay Seabrook, the three bros play a game they often competed in high school. The first one to get hard watching porn gets fucked. Simple. Who wants to play?

It's still Scott Demarco’s bachelor weekend and while getting ready to shower, he finds a note with an invitation he can't resist. Looking for more good times, he goes to room 69, knocks three times, and enters after a minute. Inside, Scott Demarco finds a black curtain with a glory hole - and Nick Milani anonymously waiting on the other side to make good on the promise!

After admitting to Jay Seabrook that he just received the best blow job and fucked a tight ass at a glory hole a few doors down at the motel, Scott Demarco wants his bachelor party weekend to continue. He writes a note inviting the anonymous glory hole person, Nick Milani, to join his friend and him in room 23. The debauchery continues with Jay and Scott taking turns fucking and glanding Nick, and ending with him covered in cum. All this before Scott has to say "I, Scott Demarco, take thee, to be my wedded wife."