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Taking Care Of Business

BroNetwork Series: Taking Care Of Business

Bastian Karim is one of this year’s top underwear salesman at the company and also the first to arrive at the retreat in Torremolinos, Spain. As he marvels at the beautiful Spanish villa, he makes himself more than comfortable before getting a night’s rest for the debauchery to come. The next morning, as he is sunbathing his sexy toned body poolside, jealous runner-up salesman Tyler Berg, shows up and chucks him in the water. Needless to say, the smashing water and hot weather quickly bring both hot-toned men from roughhousing to deep rim jobbing rather quickly. After lubing up Bastian’s sexy Colombian ass with his stiff tongue, Tyler gives the young salesman a hard cock as a prize for outperforming him in overall numbers.

The next morning, after Tyler Berg and Bastian had a hot moment at the villa, Tyler is awakened by Angel Rivera, Dean Young, Bastian Karim, and Manuel Reyes laughing in the kitchen. A jealous Manuel clearly heard about the encounter and was immediately eager to claim his man once the fun started. As all five studs hit the pool, the roughhousing and crotch grabbing turns hot really quickly. Manuel sees his chance to take the hot Tyler Berg to the side where he could show him and his cock how Spain does it better than Columbia. Another intense rim jobbing session leads to Tyler trying his second Latin ass in two days.

While Tyler and Manuel were having a go at one another, the three youngest salesmen, Dean Young, Angel Rivera, and Bastian Karim, kept roughhousing in the pool. Bastian decides to get some beverages. Meanwhile, Angel doesn't waste a second in getting into Dean Young's little pot of gold ass. He rims him and gets his juices flowing as Bastian returns more than willing to join the trio. As they all begin to suck and prob hard cock and tight asshole, the three engage in a full-on threeway with Dean Young taking cock after cock and still seeming to be insatiable. With a train-fuck finish, the hot trio cum in droves as they all climax one after the other.

After the epic threeway between Angel Rivera, Dean Young, and Bastian Karim, they hit it hard and pass out from all the fun. Disappointed, Pietro Duarte shows up and feels as though he missed the boat. Luckily, just as he was about to leave for the beach, he bumped into Sean Weiss, who was also looking to take in a little of Spain. Their little séance at the beach goes from sightseeing to taking in each other's sexy physiques quite quickly. Eager to get back after a little Baywatch-style running, they avoid the noise inside the villa, where the three young men are back to partying and decide to shower off the sand. The watery rubdown quickly turns into Pietro sensually sucking on Sean's cock and, later on, him fucking his curvy Latin ass poolside on one of the sexiest sunny days in Spain.

Late to the party, Craig Marks arrives at the villa where only the sexy Sean Weiss remains. Slighted that all the partying went on without him, the best salesman set him right off. Sean saves the day, however, by bringing him around and showing him the villa. After the tour, Craig makes a run for the best room, which is Sean's, and as he does, Sean pulls down his pants, exposing his perfect toned acrobatic ass. Craig simply replies, "If you expose, get your nose in it," and Sean abides by rimming him in the staircase. The two-toned men perform marvels of athleticism fucking in all kinds of crazy positions and even versing so both can experience their glands being prodded by hard cock. They finish off with two fantastic loads to tie up this amazing work retreat in Spain.