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The Trainer

BroNetwork Series: The Trainer

The Trainer
Jan 14, 2020
Starring: Markus Kage, Thyle Knoxx

Thyle Knox has hired Markus Kage as his personal yoga instructor/trainer. Markus can't help but notice that Thyle has a fit, tight body with a bubble butt and VPL that marks a big cock. And seeing as how their first calisthenics routine gets a rise out of them both, Thyle quickly schedules a follow-up session. On his third visit, Thyle is feeling quite tight and Markus is ready to open him right up. Panting from the workout, Thyle is invited to open up his mouth and suck on Markus’ cock. Hesitant at first, Thyle gives it a go and a sweaty man on man sexual workout ensues.

The Trainer, Part 2
Sep 03, 2020
Starring: Ace Quinn, Markus Kage

During a hot, dark yoga session, trainer Markus Kage is turned on by Ace Quinn, one of his clients. He asks the class to close their eyes and to be open. But in Ace’s case, Markus means his tight ass. Horny and with a hard-on, he starts to fuck Ace right there and then. The other students walk out, but Ace is up for the extra physical session from the naughty trainer!

Mischievous trainer, Markus Kage, is at it again! When a new client, Alex Montenegro, and he meet for their first session, the hairy, muscled tattooed trainer is told that he wants to work on his butt. Markus starts with a traditional workout but doesn’t push his client too hard on squats or walking lunges. Instead, for best results, Markus soon recommends a good ass rimming and deep cock riding.

The Trainer, Part 4
Apr 11, 2024
Starring: Marcus McNeill

Jake Wild hires a personal trainer, Marcus McNeill, for spring conditioning. After a lazy winter, he wants to build functional fitness using no equipment, especially his ass. However, when the trainer demonstrates the movements during training, Jake can’t help but get turned on in the moment.

Ultimately, the private training turns into a casual sexual encounter between Marcus and Jake - why not? A fuck is just a fuck.. and feels good. This turns out to be one hell of a great workout.