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Jack Hunter

👍 226
Height:  6'2"
Astrological Sign:  Aries
Eye Color:  Blue
Body Type:  Defined
Role:  Versatile
Cock Size:  8"
Cock:  Cut
Favorite Foods:  Tacos, pizza, ice cream, steak and salmon
Favorite Movie:  The Fifth Element
Favorite City to Visit:  Los Angeles
Hobbies:  Free running, reading, playing video games and working out
What I Like Most:  Intelligent meaningful conversation
What I Don't Like:  Impatient people + stupid people
Best Thing About Me:  My eyes. I get the most compliments on my eyes
Worst Thing About Me:  Can be very indecisive
How To Make Me Happy:  Feed me ice cream and a big dick and then let's watch a movie and cuddle
Favorite Quote:  Fools speak because they have to say something; wise men speak because they have something to say - Mark Twain
Hair Color:  Black

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Jack Hunter Comments

Fred68 11/26/2020
I would love to see more scenes of him...

YM26 05/17/2022
I want to see more scenes where he's the one getting serviced, love Jack!