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Nick Fitt

I came back to porn after 10 years off @ the request of CHiCHi La Rue. I'm part of the Free Speech Coalition. I always work to make things fair and equal for performers across the industry.

👍 252
Height:  6'1"
Eye Color:  Blue
Body Type:  Muscular
Role:  Versatile
Cock Size:  8"
Cock:  Cut
Favorite Foods:  Sushi, Italian, Thai
Favorite City to Visit:  Barcelona
Hobbies:  Gym,Beach,Naps, Staying Active
What I Like Most:  People who are cultured and Sexy
What I Don't Like:  Bad attitudes
Best Thing About Me:  My unique amity to make friends and people smile
How To Make Me Happy:  Kiss me cuddle me hold me and Fuck Me
Favorite Quote:  Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday
Hair Color:  Blonde

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