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Christian Power

Christian Power is one heck of a colossus. At 6' and 265 lbs., this hunky bodybuilder surprises by his gentle-giant demeanour and irresistible charm. Even with his friendly nature, this isn't a guy you would want to rub the wrong way... Aries are known to act without half-measures and, as one, Christian is doing just that having decided to take the plunge and do gay porn. No solos, no warming up BJ scenes... Straight to bottoming for Marko Lebeau... We are not sure where this guy's sexuality lies, but he's up to the gay porn challenge seriously. So more to cum from this Man and his 8" uncut dick!

👍 109
Height:  6'0"
Astrological Sign:  Aries
Eye Color:  Amber
Body Type:  Bodybuilder
Role:  Versatile Top
Cock Size:  8"
Cock:  Uncut
Hair Color:  Black

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