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Video Comments

Jack 06/03/2022
I'm absolutely crazy about Kit Cohen's gorgeous chest and ab hair--AND--his handsome face too. I've seen him in 6 or 8 different videos, and most often he shaves all of that hair off. Millions of guys would give ANYTHING to have that chest hair, and Kit shaves it off! I'm so glad he's "au naturel" in this video!

Tom 07/07/2022
Very HOT !

Authentic 08/14/2022
What was that comment from Kit about "I was expecting tits" when the escort arrives? No he wasn't. Please be real with the dialogue or just leave it out.

Admin 08/15/2022
Our brand is all about No Labels. And this scene was about seizing an opportunity to explore the new and exciting whenever it presents itself. Thanks for your feedback.